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Astrology for Sound healers

Astrology for Soundhealers uses the meridian systems of Chinese medicine in conjunction with the sky and its patterns, with sound and frequency as tools for healing. Specific tools include the 12 meridians in relationship to the sky and body, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels on the same bases, the three treasures, and many other techniques that weave the sky, body, and practice. Participants will learn strategies for selecting planetary frequencies to heal others. Astrological methods include the processes of Cosmobiology, harmonics, and midpoints. Welcome to this fantastic program.

Herbs and Astrology

The Sun, Moon, and Day cycles explain the connections between the plant world, humans, and the sky. These divisions serve as tools to organize thought relative to plant parts, functions, and life cycles. This course explores practice cultures at the discipline’s peak during the Renaissance. An essential tool for plants and astrology is the concept of hot-cold-moist-dry. From here, dietary, herbal, and lifestyle approaches can be developed.

Substance and Astrology

This course is an introduction to both astrology and homeopathy. Astrology can be used to enhance the discipline of homeopathy. This course blends the two methods to improve intake and thought.

This course also addresses related fields of cell salts and flower essences as tools for expanding homeopathic practice.

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